Monday, May 12, 2008

What is the role of an upaya? What can it do?

An upaya has a three fold function.

[ 1 ] A mechanic can repair an engine and bring it into working order; he might optimize its capacity of functioning but can not increase the horse power of the engine.

The Lal Kitab says, paraphrasing in my words, ‘upaya se bhagya ki naali mein aayee rukawat ko dur kiya ja sakata hai , lekin na to paani ki matraa barhai ja sakti hai aur na hi raftaar.’ An upaya can remove an obstruction in the channel of destiny, it can neither increase the volume of flow nor the rate of flow.
This blockage could occur because of three factors:
{ a } inter-planetary relationships : e.g. if the sun and the Saturn are together and mars doesn’t get any support from the sun or the moon or the Jupiter , in that case Mars would be ashubh or bud .
{ b } A planet by placement itself could be ashubh ; e.g. Venus in the 9th house would act as the Mars –ashubh or bud [ read message # 37 for why it becomes mars ashubh ]
{ c } Intentionally or unintentionally we , through our actions , could turn a planet against us. I had given the examples in my previous write up.

Therefore, one thing that an upaya can do is to make an effort to remove that blockage. No upaya can increase the bhagya. If that could be so, there would be no relevance left of ‘prarabdh’ or the karma of the previous births.
Almost every third request I get is asking for an upaya to increase the financial position. No body can increase the earnings beyond what is in the channel already. Yes, if there is a blockage that can be removed. And that is what I try to do. And still if the finances remain what they are then it means there was no blockage and that much water, and no more , was destined to flow in the channel.

[ 2 ] An umbrella can protect you from being drenched in rain , but it can not stop the rain.

The Lal Kitab says, paraphrasing again in my words , “ agar aap par sher hamala karne wala ho to aap aur sher ke beech mein deewar to khari ki ja sakti hai magar sher ko mara nahi ja sakta” . If a tiger is about to attack you, a barrier between you and the tiger can be raised but the tiger can not be killed. This role of the upaya is of protective nature. If there is an apprehension of a planet likely to create problems then precautions can be taken ; e.g. if rahu is badly placed in the 7th house then at the time of marriage it is advised to take a 25gm piece of silver along with Kanyadaan which the bride keeps with her all her life. It is assumed that Rahu will not be able to create mischief in their domestic life.

[ 3 ] Kumbhkaran , once asleep , would wake up only after six months.

Dormant planets or the houses { a Lal Kitab concept } would also wake up on their appointed time or event. If there is a need to wake them up earlier, efforts have to be made, in other words an upaya is needed. For example, the dormant Venus would awaken either at the time of marriage or at the age of 25 years. If for some reason the Venus needs to be awakened then the upaya has to be done. Similarly if a house is dormant then an upaya has to be done to awaken that house.

Well, that’s about all an upaya can do. Good deeds can go beyond upaya. Prayers can go further beyond. And the blessings of the parents can go even beyond prayers.

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