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Upaya for Memory

Upaya for Memory

The Lal Kitab talks of four kinds of memory. I am giving some very significant and effective remedies for all four of them. These remedies are extremely valuable for the students appearing for competitive examinations and interviews.

( 1 ) General memory :

“ हफिज़ा , गुज़रे वकिअत की हर दम ताज़ा याद की ताक़त , इन्सान और तमाम देखि हुई चीजों की याद ” - लाल किताब

‘Sharp memory , power to memorize the old events and recall them as and when need arises’ .
upaya :

Take a little rice. Color it with haldi {turmeric } paste. Take this rice to a Shiva temple and place it before the Shiv Ling praying that he / she be blessed with a sharp memory. Leave a little rice there in the temple and bring the rest of the rice back home. Gift this rice in a small square dibbi of silver to the mother for safe keeping. The mother should keep it in the North East corner of the house.

( 2 ) Analytical Memory :

“ मुकाबला एक चीज़ का , कयास , हर चीज़ की अस्लिअत और बुनियाद पर इसका दूसरी चीज़ से मुकाबला करने की ताक़त ” – लाल किताब

Ability to compare, to evaluate one thing with another on the basis of its existence.

Upaya :

Offer a little milk in an earthen pot { kulhar } at a temple for 13 days regularly.

( 3 ) Memory for Mathematics and the Sciences;

“ इल्म -रियाजी के उसूलों की ताक़त , दिमाग में अपनी मर्जी के मुताबिक दायाराबंदी की ताक़त ” – लाल किताब

‘Ability to remember the rules of mathematics and its laws, ability to compartmentalize the brain for such activities.’

Upaya :

Wear a vest {or bra in case of a lady} with a small yellow flower embroidered or printed on it.

( 4 ) Memory for General Knowledge:

“गुज़रे हुए वकिअत की याद , ख्वाह कितने ही वकिअत गुज़रते जायें सब के सब ही को पेशानी पर लिखे हुए की तरह याद रखते जाने की आदत । मौजूदा हालत , political , natural {geographical } और history पर गौर की ताक़त ” – लाल किताब
‘good memory of dates and events in the area of political , geographical and historical facts.’

Upaya :

Make dough of turmeric powder with mustard oil in a small brass container. Take this dough to a Peepal tree. Place it under the tree and pray that he / she be blessed by the ancestors with a sharp memory. Leave a part of the dough there at the Peepal tree and bring home the rest. Give it to the mother for safe keeping. The mother should keep it in the North East corner of the house.

Traditional folk Upaya : can be done by all students

For concentration in the studies, settled and peaceful mind.

Upaya :

Wear round the neck a 6 mukhi rudraksh between two 5 mukhi rudraksha in a white thread. Wear it on any Monday of the bright half of the month { shukla paksha} after worshiping Lord Shiv.

( 5 and 6 mukhi rudraksha are the most common and available in abundance. They are the least expensive also; just a few rupees a piece.)

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