Monday, May 12, 2008

Harmony and Peace in the family

I come across a large number of cases where the peace and harmony in the family is missing. They have all the money and comforts, but no peace.

I am suggesting some general upaya which are not horoscope specific and can be done by all. These remedies have been followed for centuries by our women folk.

[ 1 ] Get a piece of Sita Ashok tree root. Place it in the pooja ghar so that a pooja of the root gets done every day. Ashok trees are of two varieties. One is of the ornamental variety which grows tall with drooping branches ; and the other is the one that grows into a huge shady tree. Sita Ashok is the one which grows to be a huge shady tree.

[ 2 ] Immerse in a river/ lake / or sea a pair of copper snakes on a Sunday.

[ 3 ] Every day feed a roti to a cow , dog and crows. This is known as a ‘gau gras’. This brings peace and prosperity to the home.

[ 4] If you fear that some one has cast an evil spell on the family then on a Sunday, burn a little kachcha koyala { wood charcoal } along with dried droppings of either a camel or a deer { Camel dung or deer dung } in an earthen pot. When the charcoal and the camel / deer droppings get red, sprinkle a few mustard seeds and a little bat droppings over it and carry the smoking pot around the house, in every nook and corner. Repeat this process for 13 Sundays at least .
The best place you can collect the bat droppings from is the deserted old buildings where bats roost during the day. You can collect the deer droppings from any zoo.

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