Monday, May 12, 2008

Venus in the 9th house

In ` Gutka' [ 1942 ] in the introductory comments on Venus , Panditji has said " nauven mangal bud hai yeh hota ; chhate mein khud himanda hai". Later for Venus in the 9th it is said " shukra nauven jabhua , kul mangal bud hi ho"In the 1952 edition this fact is mentioned only once in theintroductory comments on Venus . The book says , " zahar mangal budnauve banta ; dharmi shani ghar dasve ho"{ page 424}A general explanation given for this by all the books that I haveread is : ` venus in the 9th house behaves like mangal bud because itis in the house of its enemy jupiter'Well , that doesn't seem to be a very satisfactory answer to aninquisitive person like me.` so what , all planets get placed in the enemy house now and thenbut they might change their character from nek to bud , but seldomchange their identity and go through a transformation acquiring anew avatar', my mind tells me.There has to be more to it than what is perceptible. I believe , andhave no authority to substantiate my view, that the reason for venusbecoming mangal bud in the 9th house could be :

[ 1 ] The 9th house completely belongs to Jupiter. Both the landbelongs to it , so does the house on it. Therefore the 9th house ismost intimately associated with Jupiter. Now Venus placed in thishouse :Jupiter + venus = shaniSince there is already an `ansha' of sun in Jupiter therefore theequation becomes:Shani + surya = mangal budDoes this happen for any other house associated with Jupiter? No,because no other house represents Jupiter so completely as the 9thhouse does.

[ 2 ] Considering the relationship of venus in the 9th house from thehouses it is associated with , things get worse with venus in the9th house. Here venus is 8th from the 2nd house , a positionof `takrav' and 3rd from the 7th house , a position of `achanakchot'. No other planet gets into such a position that it is 8th fromone house and simultaneously 3rd from the other.

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