Friday, June 25, 2010

Other Questions on Vastu

Q. We have bought a house recently, but we could not really keep vastu shastra in mind. We have to name our house but we would like to keep a suitable name which we could not think of .

A. The name of your house is a very personal matter and should be kept keeping in view the aspirations of the family, your personal lifestyle and beliefs. Make a short list of names that fulfill the above criteria and then select one consciously. May the new house bring you harmony and abundance.

Q. Entrance to my home is from east, kitchen is on south, bedroom on southwest, living room on southeast, dining room on northwest. Please advise on the application of vastu to my kitchen.

A. The basic things you have to keep in mind should be as follows:

1. Keep the Gas in the southeast corner of the kitchen

2. Person should face the east while cooking.

3. Drinking water should be in the northeast of the kitchen.

4. Sink should be in the south portion of the kitchen.

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