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पितरि ऋण

Pitri Rin

Since we enjoy the wealth, name and fame earned by our ancestors we are equally liable to suffer and pay for their misdeeds too. The dosh created as a result of the bad deeds by our ancestors is paitrik-dosh or pitra-rin . Pitri rin is different from the ‘pitri-shraap’ or the curse of the ancestors. The ‘pitri-shraap’ is a result of the ancestors cursing their progeny for having misbehaved with them , having ignored them or for not having followed the family traditions.

Even in the legal system we are held responsible for the debts of our forefathers similarly in astrology too we have to pay their debts.

Brahat parashar gives 14 kinds of pitra-dosh, Mantreshwar in Phal Deepika says that rahu in the 5th creates pishach-badha, Gopal Ratnakar calls it sarp-shraap. In the traditional vedic astrology Rahu is considered the main cause of these dosh .

Lal Kitab in its 1952 edition discusses this problem in great detail along with its remedies . I quote from Lal Kitab :

{घर नौवे हो कोई ग्रह बैठा , बुध बैठा जड़ साथी हो
ऋण पितरि उस घर से होगा , असर ग्रह सब निष्फल हो ;
साथी ग्रह जब जड़ कोई कटे ,दृष्टि मगर वो छुपता हो
पाँच ,बारह , दो , नौ कोई मंडे , ऋण पितरि बन जाता हो }

These lines describe THREE conditions of pitra-rin:

[ 1 ] ' घर नौवे हो कोई ग्रह बैठा , बुध बैठा जड़ साथी हो '
---- If there is a planet in the 9th house and Mercury occupies the rashi { sign } of that planet then it will be a pitr-rin kundali। For example jupiter is in the 9th house and if mercury is in either sagittarius or pisces , or suppose venus is in the 9th house and mercury is placed in either taurus or libra then there will be an indication of a possible ‘pitri rin’

[ 2 ] 'ग्रह जब जड़ कोई कटे , दृष्टि मगर वो छुपता हो ' --- when the enemy planets occupy a rashi and is not aspected by the rashi lord , the kundali will be of pitr-rin। For example if the enemy planets of saturn like sun , moon or mars occupy either maker or kumbha and if the Saturn doesn’t have an aspect on that rasi , there could be a possibility of a ‘pitri rin’ ।

'पाँच बारह नौ दो कोई मंडे , ऋण पित्र बन जाता हो '
--- if there is an enemy planet of Jupiter like venus or mercury in the 5th , 12th , 9th and 2nd then also it will be a pitr-rin kundali .

{of the three couplets the first two talk of the rasi and the third one talks of the pakka ghar of Jupiter.}

The Lal kitab suggests remedies in detail for pitr-rin arising out of such situations . It provides the detailed cause of these debts, the planet involved and its remedies. I have not seen such a detail in any other book on astrology.

Now how to go about suggesting upaya for ‘Pitri-Rin’? It is a three step process :

Step 1

Make sure that all the three conditions laid down are fulfilled. If only one or two conditions are fulfilled then the horoscope will not have a ‘pitri Rin’ dosh. All the three conditions have to be fulfilled. This will indicate the planet causing the ‘rin’.

Step 2

If the three conditions are fulfilled and the planet identified, then the next step is to verify the indications of ‘pitri rin’ for that particular planet. The Lal Kitab gives a detailed list of indications for each planet causing ‘pitri rin’

Step 3

After having completed the first two steps, it becomes obvious that the native is suffering from a ‘rin’. The third step is to confirm this phenomenon from a few other horoscopes of the family members. If there is a ‘rin’ on the family it should be reflected in a few, if not all , horoscopes from the same family. At times, the ‘rin’ is not reflected in the horoscopes of other members. Nevertheless, the upaya should be done. The third step is primarily to ascertain the severity and the expanse of the curse.

Those who might be interested in the indications of ‘pitri rin’ and the upaya can read from the Lal Kitab. I have given the interpretation of the couplets from the book on ‘pitri rin’.

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